Benefits of Power Flushing

Have you ever noticed unusual noises coming from your radiators from time to time? Or maybe even cold spots on your radiators and you're not quite sure why its happening? Or you've noticed that your radiators simply do not heat up as warm as you would like them to? If so, it's likely that our power flushing service is needed to improve your radiators efficiency and get them warming up as warm and as efficiently as they once did.
Here at I Plumb Combi's, our professional and reliable services are available across Whitehaven, West Cumbria and we can offer power flushing solutions for your home. 

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What is Power Flushing? 

What is power flushing? Simply put, as your boiler functions over time, sludge, rust and all other sorts of debris builds up throughout the central heating system. 

This is common and doesn't necessarily mean your radiators nor your boiler is in need of repair. However, it does mean that power flushing is the job you need. Without receiving the service on your home, the debris will slowly pile up in the heat exchanger, radiators and pipe-works and eventually but unfortunately, will cause the entire system to fail. So whilst it doesn't mean something is broken, it can be the beginning of much bigger problems for your central heating system and boiler. 

What are the Benefits of Power Flushing? 

Long-lasting Results for Your Home

The results of a power flush can be long-lasting, depending on how well you look after your boiler! If you make sure to keep your boiler in great condition with boiler servicing and other maintenance then your home may stay in great condition regarding the central heating system, radiators and the boiler. 

Save Money on Your Energy Bills 

Believe it or not, by power flushing the central heating system and by improving the efficiency of its operation, you can save money on your energy bills! In other words, the previous performance of the system may have been causing additional expenses to your energy bills which will now be minimised. 

Improve the Lifespan of Your Boiler and Central Heating System

Finally, by receiving a power flushing service on your home you may be able to improve the lifespan of your boiler and central heating system, which in the long-run is great for you and maintenance expenses for your home. By removing magnetite sludge, lessening the noise your boiler makes, increasing the pump life and cleaning the whole system which includes the entire floor pipe-work, the lifespan of your boiler and central heating system is bound to improve! This cleansing process also prevents hydrogen gases from building up to avoid radiator corrosion.

Need Power Flushing in West Cumbria? 

Why not find out how we can help here at I Plumb Combi's? As you can now see, the benefits of powerflushing are great and the results and long-lasting, potentially saving you money on any future repair costs. So, drop us a message via our contact form and find out more. If you'd like to hear exactly what our customers have to say about us, then have a read on our reviews page. If you'd like to see our previous our for customers, then have a look at our gallery page

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