Reasons to hire a gas safe engineer

If you've been looking for a gas engineer lately, you have probably seen the phrase 'Gas Safe register'- but what does it actually mean? We've written a blog post giving you all the information you may need to know when hiring a gas safe engineer.

What actually is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is an online list of all qualified and correctly trained gas engineers in the UK, as well as including all the rules and regulations they must follow in order to be included on the register. The register was introduced in 2009 as the official governing body, replacing CORGI with an updated, improved set of guidelines.

What is a Gas Safe Engineer?

A gas safe engineer is a gas engineer who is a part of this register. As simple as it may sound, it really is very important. It proves to customers that they are trained and qualified to work safely on boilers, fires and cookers- as well as other domestic gas appliances. Gas safe engineers have a strict set of guidelines that must to be followed in order to keep the customer safe. As well as safety, it also ensures the highest level of quality with every job.

What are the benefits of hiring a Gas Safe Engineer?

Here's why you should always hire Gas Safe...

Safety guaranteed

Gas appliances have the potential to be very dangerous, as they can  leak carbon monoxide, start a house fire or even explode. Yes, these risks are uncommon with new boilers, although the chances of things going wrong are much higher if you receive work from an unqualified worker. The peace of mind you get from hiring a gas safe engineer cannot be found anywhere else. The risks associated with boilers can occur with no warning signs, so always hire our gas safe engineers.

Quality guaranteed

All work carried out by engineers on the register must meet the highest standards, as the guidelines require quality. To meet these standards, our gas engineers never cut corners- to give you a high quality job that will last for years.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee satisfaction every time, as we offer a professional yet personal service. However, we understand that sometimes things don't always go to plan and, on the off chance you receive unsatisfactory work, we promise to rectify any problems, with the help of the register. Any complaints that the register receives are always dealt with.

Need a Gas Safe engineer in Gosforth?

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