Signs You Need to Repair/Replace Your Boiler

Boilers can be complicated at the best of times, and even more so when things are going wrong. Here is a handy list of 8 signs/reasons your boiler needs to either be repaired or replaced! If you have spotted any of these problems in your home, call our team today, as the issue can be resolved quicker and easier, the sooner you get it sorted.

You just can’t rely on your boiler

If your boiler has broken down more times than you can count in the last few years, it is definitely time to get it replaced and upgrade to a newer, more reliable model.

It’s on the ‘short parts’ list

This an obvious sign of an old boiler. When your boiler breaks down, it will be hard to find the right parts for it, so you are better off replacing it while you have chance.

Your service contract is getting more and more

This is a clear sign your boiler is beyond repair, as your contract provider are billing you more to cover their interest.

It has started to struggle to meet you hot water demands

This is a sign that something isn’t right, and the pipes or components in your system may be blocked by build-up. A power flush may help to resolve this.

Your carbon monoxide alarm has been set off

This is an obvious sign of a huge problem and you should call out a gas engineer immediately. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and can be fatal when inhaled, so your boiler needs to be repaired as soon as possible, to avoid any harm.

Your radiators take too long to warm up

This issue could also be resolved with a powerflush, so this should be your first place to go. It is definitely time to repair your boiler, so you can achieve the level of comfort you deserve!

Water is coming out of your discharge pipe

This is most likely an issue with your pressure vessel, which could be caused by rust or sludge build up. If the rust is left to develop even further, your system will get worse and will become much harder to resolve.

Your boiler is making noises

If your boiler is making rattling, gurgling, kettling or other unusual sounds, there are some internal problems with your central heating system and boiler that should to be checked out by a gas engineer quickly, so more problems don’t have time to develop.

Need a gas engineer in Gosforth

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